Soon to be published

  1. Multi-modal assessment of SARS-CoV-2 proteins interactions uncovers spatial pattern of cellular invasion featuring 151 direct contacts with proteins essential for infection
    (Submitted) bioRxiv
  2. Darling (v2.0): Mining disease-related databases for the detection of biomedical entity associations
  3. Visualizing metagenomic data: a comprehensive review  
  4. Network-based Bayesian inference of signal drivers for theranostics in severe COVID-19
  5. SCALA: A web application for multimodal analysis of single cell next generation sequencing data
  6. kmerDB: a database encompassing the set of genomic and proteomic sequence information of each species
  7. Nucleic Quasi-primes: Identification of the Shortest Unique Oligonucleotide Sequences in a Species