Soon to be published

  1. Global BioID-based SARS-CoV-2 proteins proximal landscape establishes novel ties between viral polypeptides and host factors involved in multiple COVID19-associated mechanisms
    (To be submitted) bioRxiv
  2. FLAME (v2.0): advanced integration and interpretation of functional enrichment results from multiple sources
    (Revised and resubmitted) bioRxiv
  3. Darling (v2.0): Mining disease-related databases for the detection of biomedical entity associations
  4. Visualizing metagenomic data: a comprehensive review  
  5. Network-based Bayesian inference of signal drivers for theranostics in severe COVID-19
    George I., Gavriilidis GI., Vasileiou V., Dimitsaki S., Giannakakis A., Pavlopoulos GA., Psomopoulos F.
  6. SCALA: A web application for multimodal analysis of single cell next generation sequencing data
    Tzaferis C., Karatzas E., Baltoumas FA., Pavlopoulos GA., Kollias G., Konstantopoulos D.
  7. kmerDB: a database encompassing the set of genomic and proteomic sequence information of each species
  8. NMPFamsDB: A database of novel protein families from microbial metagenomes and metatranscriptomes
    Baltoumas FA., Karatzas E., Liu S., Ovchinnikov S., Chen IM., Kyrpides NC., Pavlopoulos GA.
  9. Novel insights from global metagenomics into the diversity and distribution of functional dark matter
    Pavlopoulos GA., Baltoumas FA., Liu S., Selvitopi O., Nayfach S., Azad A., Call L., Pedro Camargo A., Ivanova NN., Chen IM., Paez-Espino D., Karatzas E., Novel Metagenome Protein Families Consortium, Iliopoulos I., Konstantinidis K., Tiedje JM., Baker D., Ouzounis CA., Ovchinnikov S., Buluç A., Kyrpides NC.
    (Revised and resubmitted